Thursday, July 1, 2021

How to be an optimist?

There are two perspectives to look at whatever happens in the world, one is optimistic and the other is pessimistic. An optimist sees a good thing in every bad event while a pessimist sees a bad thing in every good event. The optimist always sees that glass is half full of water. Whereas the pessimist will always see that glass is half empty.

Coronavirus is currently ongoing. There is a lockdown everywhere. Pessimistic thinking is dying thinking. More people are dying of despair and anxiety than from disease. 

Optimistic people find good things even in this situation. Many ponds have been cleared due to the lockdown. The weather and environment is becoming completely pollution free. Man is getting to know about the natural and the properties of trees and plants. People sitting at home are learning many new things etc.

The pessimist is a terrible monster who waits for our own destruction.

There is no other sin for man than despair. Therefore, destroying it completely and becoming optimistic is religion. 

Hope is life and despair is death. You have to be optimistic if you want to survive. A man without hope is like a living corpse.

No matter what situation you are facing, always your thoughts should be optimistic.

Now you must be thinking that I have to be an optimistic person too. After all, what habits do you adopt so that you will always remain optimistic so that disappointment will run away from you.

I am explaining some habits below. Try to adopt these habits. This will also put you in the category of optimism.

1) Read motivational story -

We waste our time on useless things. Playing games on mobile, watching fake pictures etc. Read a true inspiring story. Always keep yourself motivated. 

2) Learn to be satisfied -

Learn to be satisfied with what you have. Dissatisfaction puts us in the category of pessimists. You always look at the person below you.

You see that millions of people don't have what you have. It is pessimistic to create an inferiority complex in one's mind by looking at others. So never compare yourself with others. Learn to be satisfied.

3) Believe in yourself -

Optimists always believe in themselves. No matter how difficult the situation comes in his life, he never expects anything from others.

Optimists always believe in themselves that I can do this work and they do it. It is said when you don't believe in yourself why would others believe in you.

4) Avoid Overthinking -

Many times we become victims of overthinking by thinking too much. Due to this overthinking, despair surrounds us. We see an atmosphere of despair all around.

This is completely against optimism. Never do overthinking. Be happy, be cool. This is the core of the optimist.

5) Think about what you want -

Sometimes we want something else but think something else. It is like keeping both lemon juice and milk in the same vessel.

Many students study to pass but always think about failing. Many women love their husband very much but keep thinking about not getting divorced.

So think what you want. Never bring to your mind what you don't want. This will go a long way in being optimistic.

6) See only the bright side -

Friends, every coin has 2 sides. Every person has good and bad qualities. If you want to be an optimist, then only look at the bright side.

Concentrate on what qualities you have in all the friends you meet. You get what you see. If you see evil in others, you will only receive evil and become a pessimist. If you see the good in others, you will acquire good qualities and become an optimist.

7) Always smile -

Your being happy is the biggest punishment for your enemies. So keep smiling always.

If you want to kill your enemies then no weapon is required for that. Your smile is the biggest tool to kill your enemies. The world says be happy, but people are jealous of others' happiness, that's why no one lets you be happy.

People will never give you a chance to smile. You have to be happy yourself. An optimist never waits that I will get a chance to smile. Keep smiling in the little things.

8) Forgive others -

If someone is troubling you, if you also trouble him, then there will be no difference between him and you. Rather, your peace will be disturbed. You too will stand in the line of the pessimist.

So forgive others as much as you can. Because taking revenge creates anger in us.  Anger starts changing your nature. Over and over again what I am pushing to make you optimistic will turn into despair. So never think of taking revenge.


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