Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Tips to deal with anxiety and stress

Anxiety shakes a person mentally and physically. In this, the person's confidence decreases and one feels nervous. Anxiety can be triggered by fear, danger, pressure, or a challenging situation. Anxiety is a normal reaction in such situations. Anxiety attacks come without warning. If you are suffering from anxiety, then you will see some symptoms inside you.

Symptoms of anxiety-

  • apprehension or fear
  • be afraid of something
  • be stressed all the time
  • inability to concentrate
  • feel irritable

Aromatherapy is also very beneficial in anxiety. Aromatherapy can be taken in the form of oil, candle or perfume. Contains Lavender, Chamomile and Sandalwood. Aromatherapy is believed to activate certain receptors in the brain, which helps fight anxiety.

Whenever you have an anxiety attack, count to ten and breathe in and out 4 to 5 times. Taking deep breaths slows down the heartbeat, which helps to calm down. 

Endorphin hormones help for proper pumping of blood. An increase in this hormone can lead to an improvement in mood. Mild exercise such as walking or swimming can be beneficial when there is stress. During this, exercising helps a lot. 

However, if your condition is more serious or you are having more difficulty in breathing, then seek help from someone immediately.

Sometimes the best way to prevent an anxiety attack is to get out of the house and go for a walk. For some time, focusing on the body instead of the mind helps in getting relief from anxiety.

Whenever you have a panic attack, start chanting a mantra. This will calm both your body and mind. During a panic attack, your focus will be on chanting the mantra. Keep repeating the mantra until the panic attack subsides. In this situation it is best to pronounce.

Loneliness is the most dangerous of anxiety. Whenever you have an anxiety attack, talk to a friend or close friend or call them. If you sit in front of someone and share your problems, then your mind becomes lighter and you start feeling less of your problems. Talk a lot to your friends and family members and try to be happy.

If possible, go to a quiet and secluded place and sit down. If possible, go to a quiet and secluded place and sit down. If there is an office or meeting room, then get out of there and look for a secluded place. Close your eyes and focus on the speed of your breathing and encourage yourself to come out of this situation.

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