Saturday, June 26, 2021

How to find your well wisher??

It's hard for a guy not to try to put you down if he doesn't want to see you succeed, and it's hard not to try to help if someone wants to see you succeed. Some people tend to do things subtly, which creates a fear of being judgmental towards them, so it is advisable to take decisions based on your intuition as intuition is 100% correct. 

An acquaintance only enjoys your company, a good weather partner flatters when everything is going well, a true friend has your best interest at heart and is willing to tell you what you need to hear. Your well wisher should not be someone who is always around you but someone who is always there for you. 

There is a lot of difference, people who trust you, treat them badly because they can see the light within you and have the courage to bring you out of the darkness. Unconditional love is an affection without limits. Also, there is grace to maintain in all relationships and situations, the grace not to cross that fine line, a true well wisher will never support you when you are crossing that fine line, they will be honest to stand against it. To be your wrong actions, when they know that such actions are harmful. Whereas, others pretending to be your well-wishers will try to subtly manipulate you to convince you that they are due to wrongdoing, work, or family needs or any other reason, where they try to make it appear right, pure and fair. We do. Reality is beyond appearances.

A well wisher will never try to stop you from moving forward in life, but they will encourage you to achieve your goals without losing your moral values, your sanity etc. They will not encourage you to make shallow choices in life. Some people will subtly make you feel that you are obliged, you have responsibilities, will make you feel guilty for moving forward in life. understand wisely. A true well wisher will show you opportunities, will not let you restrict yourself by highlighting your weaknesses or fears, but will show you a way out of your fears.

A real enemy is more useful than a fake friend. A fake friend is one who is happy to see you stuck, but will pretend to feel sorry for you as well by exposing your restrictions, fears, obligations that are not really you or your weaknesses or that part of you. make you feel guilty. about the mistake where you're not really wrong, etc. and will help you stay stuck without even realizing it.

A true well wisher will lead you to the truth, to your heart's desire, they will show you your strength, they will show you the way forward, they will tell you who is taking advantage of you, or where you are in your power. give to someone else They nurture you and do not hold you back.

A cheating friend will never let you see the beauty of character because they are afraid of losing you and this fear is usually not based on love, but because of their own personal gain that they don't want to lose you. A person who loves you unconditionally will always be honest with you and steer you towards healthy specific goals, because they know the value and depth of moral values ​​and their impact in life. The knives of betrayal and drama are deep and hurtful, but they also take away the crap and reveal your true friends.


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