Thursday, June 24, 2021

How to develop your mindset ??

The way a person thinks, what is his attitude towards seeing the world, his thinking about luck, hard work, and talent, which he has already ingrained in his mind, is called Mindset of that person. 

No person is separated by his color, caste, physical appearance, or wealth, rather he is different because of his Mindset. That's why some people make such a big impact on other people, while some remain so much educated and stay in a place in life. Everyone in this world is moving with their different mindset, you also have a mindset, there are two types of mindset, fixed mindset and growth mindset. 

Fixed Mindset:

People with Fixed Mindset have to think that people are born talented, and if they have talent then they do not need to make effort, hard work, or labor. 

There are only a few people in the world who have such a physical appearance, their appearance, color, etc., everything is good since birth.

People with Fixed Mindset think that if you have the ability then you will get success yourself. You don't need to work hard, and if you have to work hard, it doesn't mean you're talented.

For example, if he had got 45% marks in 10th class, then he would think in his mind that even less marks would come in the classes that came before him. He avoids challenges in life.

If you fail once, you will continue to fail throughout your life, people with Fixed Mindset believe this.

They are jealous of the success of others, get disappointed, but never want to work themselves, and think in their mind that if I were capable of that, I would have become successful.

People with Fixed Mindset give up very quickly, always blame their luck when they lose.

They never want to change themselves, they think that the knowledge I have is enough and if I have to get success, then I will get it, otherwise it will probably not be for me.

Always want to show others that look how much knowledge, money, and enjoyment things I have, their life goal is to prove themselves in front of others.

They are always afraid of failing, they think that failing is a sign of failure and not of a successful person.

Growth Mindset :

People with Growth Mindset think that no person is talented from birth and even if it is, it does not mean that he does not need to work hard or try.

They know that anything new can be learned with hard work and perseverance, I may not have the same physical appearance or appearance, but with constant hard work, everything can be achieved.

They are never afraid to fail, consider failure to be a very important part of the path to success, and know that failing is a sign of trying to be successful.

People with Growth Mindset never allow their future to be affected by the failure of their past. Rather learn from them and move forward.

It may happen that a person can do some work with very less time and less effort, but it does not mean that you cannot do that work, maybe you will take some more time, but you will definitely do the work.

Do not get jealous of others' success, but get motivated by the success of others and learn from the mistakes of others so that they do not repeat the same mistake in their life.

Following are the example of how both mindset people think in same situation :

- While teaching in a class, a teacher asks a child the question whose answer is not known to that child.

Fixed Mindset : 
Oh, dude ! What will happen now I don't know the answer, what other children will think about me, they will judge me, and what will the teacher think about me that I do not even know such a simple question, all eyes are staring at me.

Growth Mindset :
Yes, I do not know the answer to this question, but what happened, I have come here because I do not know, and the children who are sitting with me have also come here because they also do not know everything, and the teacher in front of me Not to judge, but to teach me.

Parents of Fixed Mindset:

Every child runs at his own pace, but parents of a fixed mind set compare their children with other children.

If the neighborhood child is successful, they criticize their children. Like they are themselves, what they like, they want from their children too.

They raise their children in a fixed-mindset environment, citing their body, complexion, and intelligence, making their children a small and low-thinking person.

Parents with Growth Mindset:

Parents with a Growth Mindset know that with constant learning and hard work, anything can be achieved in life.

Parents with a Growth Mindset know that with constant learning and hard work, anything can be achieved in life. And they teach the same to their children, they do not compare their children with anyone else.

They do not criticize their children on the matter, they appreciate their children when they fail despite working hard, and motivate them to learn more.

They know that it takes time to get results, it takes time to get success, it is always bad to choose the wrong path to get instant success.

Love with Fixed Mindset:

If someone rejects the love of a person with a fixed mindset, then he will label himself a failure. He will feel that there is some deficiency in him that is why he has been rejected.

Husband and wife do not want to make efforts to maintain their love among themselves, they feel that if love is true then there is no need to do any work or improve it.

Love with Growth Mindset:

Do not judge yourself by the decisions of others, and know that the relationship needs to be improved.

Partners with a growth mindset know that no one is perfect, so they don't expect their partner to know this or that.

There was a wedding of a girl, everything was prepared, the bride reaches the place of marriage, then she comes to know that her future husband is not coming to the wedding. As if everything has been ruined all of a sudden, his whole life has been spoiled. She is very sad, which is natural.

But she was a girl with a growth mindset, she didn't let it dominate her that maybe she was lacking or she was not a good girl. She kept people with good vibes around herself so that she would be happy and negativity does not take hold in her mind.

After a few years she got married, in the same gown and in the same church, was with a very nice boy, she was asked if you were scared, she said at all I did not know that her future husband would definitely come and he did.

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