Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to deal with anxiety and stress ??

Anxiety comes as a group of mental illnesses in a way. We can not call them a complete disease, worry starts changing the normal life of a person, he starts failing in his work and starts feeling tired and defeated. Anxiety starts changing the behavior of man, man always starts feeling scared.

Types of Anxiety:

1. How one should live in society and feel humiliated by someone, it also increases the tension in a way, man is always afraid.

2. Phobia is also a type of anxiety. In phobia, people are very afraid of water, high places. It's scary to even cross the road.

3. In generalized anxiety, people are not able to speak their words in front of others. And keeping their words within themselves, they start living in excessive worry. This worry lasts for two to six months.

4. In panic disorder, people are very worried, some people take something very to heart. Due to which there is a lot of effect on their heart, breathlessness starts, and it affects the heartbeat, it is also called panic attack, it happens only to people suffering from anxiety.

5. Whoever is the victim of an accident and a feeling of revenge arises in them, in this the person loses his temper and also starts physical attacks.

6. In obsessive compulsive disorder, people have very strange habits, such as cleaning a lot, washing the face frequently, being afraid of dirt, etc.

Symptoms of Anxiety:

- Dizziness 

- Giggle

- Vomiting

- Cold Hand and Feet

- Poor Sleep

- To be very worried about something

- Fever

- Sweating

- Rapid Breathing

- Not being able to keep calm yourself

- Having digestive problems

- Dry Mouth

- Weakness and lethargy

Treatment for Anxiety :-

1) To remove anxiety, first of all we should remove stress. Anxiety automatically reduces by relieving stress.

2) Always take nutritious food in food, For example, eat green-vegetables, fruits, home-cooked food, which keeps the physical and mental condition healthy and reduces anxiety.

3) All work must be accounted for. Due to which there will be no tension in the mind and there will be no worry.

4) People use tobacco, alcohol, drugs to reduce stress, but it is injurious to health. In place of intoxication, you drink some fruit juices which help in keeping your body healthy.

5) Anxiety is treated with psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, you can take medicines with the advice of doctors.

Avoid in Anxiety :-

People should not lose patience in worry, they should not fight with others. Yoga and exercise should be done to reduce stress. Things should not be taken too much to heart. Family problems should be resolved among themselves, not to make it a big problem. Don't be too emotional. Anxiety can end with a little effort and you can lead a happy life.

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