Friday, June 25, 2021

How to deal with annoying people ??

Always being under stress makes your image of a negative person in front of people. Always be happy so that you can give positive energy to people. You should feel that by walking the high road, you are strengthening your patience and endurance.

There comes a time when you find yourself flooding with questions, attitude, and attention that you didn't ask for. You start getting more irritable and upset than before.

1. Try not to get angry or lose your temper -

Try to keep yourself calm and don't get carried away by the flow, by doing this you are really strengthening your patience and tolerance level. 

2. Keep Calm and Pay Attention to Your Breath -

Move away from the person and try to focus on the breath. Breathing will help you calm down and feel better.

3. Try to keep your anger away from the annoyance -

Bashing or hitting on someone who bothers you won't help, so the best way is to separate your anger from your actions towards that person.

4. Engage yourself and distract yourself from the matter-

You will find some people who will never leave you alone/peace you away, distract yourself from anything around you. Focus on other things, keep yourself busy, try to focus on something else.

5. Exercise to Take Out Negativity -

One of the best ways to stay away from negativity and stay healthy is to exercise and not harm yourself.

6. Identify Those Triggers -

Try to identify those triggers and figure out how working around these triggers is best for you and only you.

7. You Need To Realize That Troublemakers Will Always Be There -

Realize that your life will always be surrounded by people like this and you cannot get rid of it. So try to escape and be at peace.

8. Annoy Them Like This -

If you can't, then try to talk in the same way and adjust, there is no other way.

9. Be firm but polite -

Try not to be rude, be polite, clear, assertive and firm.

10. Being Quiet Doesn't Mean You're Weak -

Instead of being rude or making hurtful remarks, let them think they're funny.


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