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Tips to live a stress free life

Due to the tips written in this article, you will definitely be successful in relieving stress. If you are not under stress, then you can avoid tension by these methods. What is stress? There are two types of stress, first is physical stress and second is mental stress.

Physical stress is beneficial for the body and mind to some extent, but mental stress works opposite to health, due to mental stress, the blood speed in the body becomes faster, immunity starts to perish. Unnecessary pressure on the mind through thoughts is called stress, which causes all diseases. Know why to overcome tension? When mental stress lasts for more days, it begins to take the form of depression. And depression makes any healthy person so sick that there is no limit.

If the source of tension is not stopped, the thought power starts becoming very pessimistic. And as thoughts become pessimistic, behavior becomes pessimistic, and that is how life is built, so it is very important to find and understand this mental disease.  Symptoms of stress are given below: If you find yourself having more than three symptoms then you can understand that you are either under stress or you are coming soon.
Symptoms of tension :- 

Despite the fact that tension has an adverse effect on life, people refuse to believe that it can be a mental disorder. In today's time, it has become a difficult task for a person to remain tension free. Everyone has some concern. Some stress the job, some stress the relationship, some stress the study, and the stress the career. Today everyone is suffering from stress, but we have to understand that our whole future rests on this body, if we do all our work.

Keeping it perfectly healthy should be our first duty. Because if the body itself is unhealthy, then even if you have lots of money in your bank, they will not be of any use to you. 

1. Uncontrolled emotions
2. Anger or irritability
3. Thoughts of suicide
4. Pessimism
5. Occurrence of concentration in work
6. Digestion impairment
7. Increase or occurrence of sleep
8. Loss of memory
9. Secrete oneself
10. Weight gain or event.

If you find at least three of the above mentioned symptoms inside yourself, then you should be careful immediately, otherwise you may have to suffer a huge loss. Below are tips to stay tension free, every tips is practical which everyone should adopt, if anyone adopts these tips, he will not only feel tension free but also reduce the risk of going to depression from any burden in future. Will go. Include these tips in your daily life.

1. Make a normal routine first -

One thing to remember is that when we are in depression, our mind sets a strong target for us, as a result there is loss of confidence when we cannot complete the work on time and we get used to postponing work, hence our time- Make the table simple and once it is on track, keep the time table slowly tightened.

2. Walking or exercising in the morning -

The first hit in tension is on our mind due to which the identity of the body and mind is broken and the body does not show interest in taking part in any activity, so it is important that if you wake up in the morning, then take a walk in the open air and play a game. , Jogging or doing yoga, pranayama.  Kapalbhati Pranayam are said to be the best for depression.

3. Eat a nutritious diet -

If you have problems with indigestion, eat light and digestible food. Be sure to include green vegetables and salads in your diet. Stay away from junk food. Eat food with interest, that is, do not rush. Focus to do one work at one time. 

4. Meditate -

Scientists say that 15 minutes of meditation equals 2 hours of sleep, as well as meditation has many benefits such as meditation keeps your thoughts under control. Meditation is one of the best drugs to overcome depression. The person who meditates daily reduces the risk of getting depression by 90 percent.

5. Discover your creativity -

If you are suffering from tension problem then this tips will be most effective for you. It has been said that the empty mind is the house of the devil and the empty thoughts keep coming up in the same mind, then it is better that you spend some time in doing creative works and find the work that you enjoy. Like a game, gym, drawing, singing.

6. Drink light hot water after getting up in the morning-

This may sound a little strange, but Ayurveda has shown great importance to drink light hot water. The first attack of any disease is on the digestive system. All diseases start due to deterioration of digestive system, so after waking up in the morning, practice drinking light hot water, it cleans the tubes and the intestines properly, due to the cleanliness of the intestine, the appetite also becomes hard and digestion is good.

7. Stay away from drugs -

Frankly, one of the reasons people are found to be most intoxicated during the time of depression is that the drunk gets a temporary platter for some time and distracts for a few moments, but the body has to pay a big price. Therefore, it would be better to add addiction before getting tension free. 

8. Connect with people -

During depression, we like to spend more time alone and in closed rooms, but this habit further increases the level of tension. Therefore, it would be better to spend time with your good friends and your family instead of sitting alone.
For one example, you will understand its depth that you must have seen that lawyers are always found in the group of lawyers. Doctors always like to be between doctors, in the same way, never meet negative people.

9. Read a good book -

All of the above has been done to clear the mind, but after cleaning the vehicle, you have to put petrol, diesel and engine oil in it, good books are the food of the brain, which gives your conscious-subconscious a growth material, so Before going to bed every day, read a few parts of a good book. 

10. Accept your circumstances-

Most of the tension is due to an event or person with whom we have had a deep connection. In such a situation write the things that are giving tension on a paper and accept that yes! This incident happened to us, whose fault was it?
If it is your fault, then accept your mistake and take a pledge not to repeat that mistake in future and if the fault of the person in front is forgiven and make a habit of trusting anyone again. 

11. get high in your own eyes-

Lack of confidence is also a cause of depression. It is not necessarily what people think about you, but it is important that what you think about yourself. 
Take some time every day and stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes and tell yourself that I am special, I will definitely get what I want. Initially it may be a little awkward but this self-indication formula will make you really special.

12. Adopt 'Never Give Up' Attitude-

Disappointments revolve around every human being, but can only go to the one who accepts despair. You can remove despair from your door and thank your parents and God for your life because there are so many people who want to live but are forced to live in front of nature. You will be surprised to know that it takes 200 times more courage to commit suicide than it takes for success. 

13. Set the time to sleep and wake up-

Put the highest priority in your time table in making sleep and waking time. Make sure you sleep and wake up time. But it is not necessary that you also put extra emphasis on your mind to get up at 4 am. As mentioned above, make a normal time table and then keep making changes gradually.
14. Develop Your Personality-

Our way of walking, our way of talking and attire reflects our personality, so find and remove the errors in your habitual behavior and instead create an attractive and positive attitude.

15. Find the cause of tension-

Stay away from the things that give you tension, it may be due to your financial condition or due to a sad song, ignore these things. Whatever the reason, make yourself believe that you have two options. First of all, keep thinking and worrying, second is to take small steps in the same circumstances and get yourself out of that situation. 

16. Write a regular diary -

There are many advantages to writing a diary. The biggest advantage is that you can compare yourself with yourself everyday and believe that the happiness you get from seeing the old version of yourself is not that difficult to say in words, so writing a diary is a good habit to see your philosophy of good and evils. It does. 

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