Thursday, November 26, 2020

Change your life by changing your Habits ..!!!

The scientist says that habit arises because the brain constantly keeps searching for ways to safe efforts. The brain tries to make habits every routine. habits helps our brain to save energy. This habit of saving effort is beneficial for the brain. Once a habit is found, the brain does not take much time to take a decision about it. Due to habits, whatever happens by yourself, you start doing any task without thinking more and it goes on till you change this habit deliberately. 

Habits are deeply embedded in our brain. Actually it is a big advantage, but the problem here is that the brain is unable to distinguish which habit to keep and which habit to leave. So you sometimes get caught in the wrong habit. You think you will overcome the wrong habit but the habit is still the same. Sometimes we may find it in our favor but our brain depends on these auto mission and it can also be a detriment to our life-style. 

Habits can also act like a curse instead of giving benefits. Can we make new habits? You can use a cue or hint to build habits. Indication or signs are something that trigger your habit. For Example - You get inspired by seeing someone jogging and you also start doing workout. Or if you see the table lamp in your room, then you will soon be engaged in your work. You can also make your own signs in this way, look around you and by motivating with those signs, you create good habits for yourself. 

Habits have so much power over us because it creates craving in our brain. Many times this craving is made so slowly that we do not feel that it exists, so we are not aware at all about their influence. You can use 3 easy steps to create a habit. 1. Make signs, 2. know the rewards, 3. Find a craving that encourages you to follow the habit. You should keep these cue or signs simple, clear and straightforward and also insure that the reward is clear, and the reward should be something that you really want to get. Although signs and reward are important to build habit, but it is also clear that it is not enough alone to build a long-lasting habit. But this is the key to keep the habit with you, keep luring your brain for reward. Which when the habit is complete, crave to get the feeling of completing a task.

craving is an essential element. It is the drive that turns a simple routine into a habit. When you see this craving as a food, then it is clear how things are going. You will definitely be craving for something sweet and this also builds up the habit. Once you figure out how to awaken craving, it becomes easy to create any habit. You can build a new habit by putting those signs and rewards in front. If you want to see that any sign or reward has been successful in creating any habit, then you can transfer it to another habit. You cannot end a habit, you can only change it. First of all, you have to understand your cue which triggers your bad habits. For example - If you take a candy in the afternoon as a snack during work, then here you have to understand the time as a cue so that you can replace the candy with a healthy thing. It is clear that you are behind a sweet, so try it with banana or strawberry. 

Now recognize the reward, the reward of eating candy may be sweet but it will ruin your 10 minutes by getting up from your desk. If you want to escape this reward, then instead of eating this candy, you should listen to your favorite broadcast for 10 minutes or read the article of GK Inspire. To change habits, you will have to keep old cue and keep old rewards as well but new habits will also have to be introduced. Here is a rule, if you use the same cue or use the same reward, then you can shift your routine, and also change your habit. Almost any behavior can be changed, you should keep your signs and reward the same. You cannot erase your bad habit, you can just change it with good.

A habit is that which has the power to influence our ways of working, eating, playing, living, spending money and talking. For Example : If you have taken a decision to exercise daily, you will find that as time passes, changes in your habits will start coming. If you have started doing workout then there is more chance that you will start eating healthier food. And this will also affect the results of your work. You will become more productive and feel less stress on your day to day life. You must apply the habit of exercising in your life because it is a habit that affects your whole life. And this habit can improve your whole life.

The most important thing which is important to apply habit is willpower. will power is a skill that can be learned and taught. Think of your will power as a muscle, something that you can strengthen with exercise. will power is a learned skill that can be learned and taught. By recognizing the behavior of will power and taking action on time, you can change will power into a habit. When you take a decision and follow it, your will power gets activated. will power You can do your important work very easily and happily. 

A leader can also lead his company or organization to waste. Leaders who are thoughtless and ignore the culture of their company, allow these negative habits to arise and develop. Organizations need habits and routine. Without them, there is no work of organizations, and because of this, the employees leave the job because they do not see their future in the company. Wrong routine and wrong habits can lead any organizations towards crisis and when it comes to implementing habits in organizations, it becomes an essential part in crisis. When someone is upset, this is the perfect time to see their current habits and convert them into productive and positive habits. Sometimes crisis or obstacles in life have come to change your bad habits into good habits, by recognizing them, change your bad habits into good habits.

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