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How Husband and Wife Understand Each Other??

Is you are worried about your relationship? Is you didn't understand your husband or wife ?? So this article is for you !!

Men and women both think differently, That is why the relationship breaks. Men and women do not know that they are different from each other, and because of this they do fight. To make your relationship more strong and beautiful, follow the points given below, so that you will feel more easy to understand each other. 

1. Keep in mind that you both are different -

Without knowing it, we are separate from each other, we will keep fighting each other throughout our lives. We want to change our partner according to ours, but this is not become possible and as a result we start fighting each other.  But when you know that the thinking of both men and women is completely different from each other, and that they are different from each other, then both of them can live happily together.

2. Your motives are not enough -

The feeling of love is always beautiful, we think it will never end. We feel that there will be no dilemma in the relationship, but this magic gradually decreases and we start seeing our partner's flows. Men want women to think according to them and women want men to think according to them. They do not realize that the two are different from each other and often this situation also changes in divorce. Then they ask themselves how did this happen ?? And why did this happen ?? Our intentions were never wrong. This is the point, even if our intentions are not wrong, we spoil our relationship.

3.  Misunderstandings -

Women often complain that men do not listen to them properly. When she tells them a problem, they listen to them for some time, then they start telling a solution to it, or how to fix that problem. When women want men to just listen to them and not tell them solutions. On the other hand, men like to keep their problems to themselves. They do not like to show their problems in front of anyone else until it becomes very important. And he thinks, why should we tell someone else our problem when we can solve our problem ourselves.

4 . Understand Men -

You have to understand the nature of men. Men give Importance to the  Power, Work Ethics and  Achievements. He was interested in outdoor activities, he did not like reading novels and books much. He loved things more than people and feelings. Achieving a goal was his first priority. He wanted to feel proud of his achievements. As a result he started to feel that he is an expert. And when women tell them their problem, they start to telling them solution, and when women are not satisfies, then men do not understand, that what is the problem ?? 

5 . Understand Women -

The nature of women or their needs is different from men. Love is more important for women, compared to achievement. She gives more importance to love, above building and machines. Relationships for them exceed achievements. It is not so important for them to prove themselves. So it is normal for them to take help of someone and to help someone. And this is what they do, they like it when someone helps them. And this is what she wants to do with men, but when advice is given to the men, he feels that he is not capable. Women consider giving advice as a sign of love, while men used to give more importance to the solution. If something good is going on, they do not change it. When women try to change men, men feel that she is not capable, spoiled, and have tantrums. And the woman does not realize that men have taken this as an insult.

6.  Do Not Suggest -

Here is an advice for women. It is no surprise that women hurt men when they give them advice. It is definitely a way of expressing their love, but in an unknown way she hurts the man. So do not give advice to the man unless it is necessary.

7 . Try to Listen -

There is also a lesson for men here that you learn to listen. Men should explain that when a woman says that she is worried, or she is in a problem, then actually she wants you to listen to their problem and start thinking of a solution. Do not give suggestions, just listen.

8 . Women Speaks Too Much and Men Become Silent -

The biggest difference between men and women is how they handle their stress. Men isolate themselves to solve their problem, and separate themselves from the rest of the world. On the other side women want to tell their problems, Fears and their sorrows. Men want to solve it on their own, whereas women want to deal with it by talking the most. For Example: A husband comes home tired from the office, he wants to rest, and wants to spend some time alone. So he makes some magazine because he is worried. On the other hand his wife comes from office, she is also a little worried but she wants to talk to someone, she wants to tell about her problems. Her husband feels that his wife speaks too much, while his wife thinks that he is not paying attention to her. To understand this dilemma we have to understand the opposite gender. Without realizing that the wife speaks more to reduce her stress, her husband will continue to believe that his wife speaks too much, and he ignores her. Without realizing that the husband is reading the magazine just to feel relax, the wife will always think that he is ignoring her.

9. Finding Peace In Silence -

When a man is under stress, he goes into the caves of his mind. It means, he isolates himself from the rest of the people and gets into the thoughts of his problem, to find some solutions. At this time, he does not pay attention to other things, but once he finds his solution, he comes out of his caves, and starts to behave normally.

10. What women think about Silence -

When the man goes to his caves, the man is unable to pay attention to his partner, which makes his partner upset, now when she wants to talk, with whom she would be talk? She feels that her partner is ignoring her. Often women do not know how to deal with a men problem. Women want their partner to expressly express what they want to say. It is useless to expect a man to be told his problems, just as it is useless to expect a woman to be calm in her problem. When the man goes into his caves, he forgets that his partner may also have problems. Men generally think that it is important to focus on themselves before pleasing someone else. Instead of fighting, a woman should understand that moving into caves is not the man's own choice, but his habit. so help him, don't fight. On the other hand, the man does not have any idea about how much trouble his partner may have with this thing. Therefore, be patient.

11. Finding Peace -

When a women is stressed, she wants to tell someone else. But when she tells this, then she does not think whether she is telling important things or not, she tells everything, whatever happens in her mind. She doesn't want a solution, she just wants to feel relax. It gives him pleasure. She gets satisfaction when she sees that she is being understood, admired.

12 . What Men's Reaction -

When the wife reveals her problems to her husband, the husband feels like she is blaming him, the more he hears for his problems, the more he feels. He does not understand that he is not blaming him. She just wants to talk about her problems. Man should understand that only by listening to you women can you improve their mood. Men only talk for two reasons, 1) when someone blames them. 2) When someone asks for advice from them. When they feel that someone is asking for advice from them, they start giving suggestions, and women do not like it. And when he feels like someone is blaming him, then he goes into defensive mode. In both these cases it becomes difficult for him to listen, and he starts giving clarification. And clarifications are not liked by women. She just wants that when she is speaking then just listen next.

13 . Encourage Your Partner -

The man feels motivated when he realizes that someone needs him, and the woman is inspired when she feels that she is being loved. When a man realizes that his wife does not need him. He feels worthless. When a women feels that her husband does not love her she mentally breaks down. When a man feels that his wife needs him and when the wife feels that she is being loved then it makes a perfect relationship.

14 . When Men Fall In Love With Women -

Often men have a philosophy of "To Win" as they want at any agreed price. And this philosophy is very damaging in the relationship. If a man hurts his partner just to fulfill his desire, then it leads to the breakdown of the relationship.

15 . Opposites Attracts -

Many women know how to send a signal to a man. When the relationship starts, she often tells the man that he keeps her happy, and his words keep encouraging her. But sadly after some time when some problems come, the woman forgets that men still need those signals. And that signal is still important.

16 . Men Inspired By Love -

When a man loves a woman, he become so confident that he can do anything. He cares for his partner just as he cares for himself. More people are hungry for love. When the relationship deteriorates, the men get frustrated and go into their mind caves. He stops caring about his partner, thinking that his partner does not need him. If he finds any such women who can make him realize that he needs him, he will come out of his caves.

17 . When A Women Love to the Men -

Women are also loved, and they want someone to take care of them. Often a man does not realize that when women feel they are loved, they are understood, she becomes happy. When women are depressed, upset, they need someone who can understand them. When a man sees sympathy and understands it, the mood of the woman automatically becomes good. But the man does not understand this small thing. They think that women must also be like them. They think that women would be like them too, if they like to go in the caves, then perhaps women would like it too and the situation gets worse here. She does not realize that women feel relaxed when she shares her problems with someone. All they need is someone who can only listen to them.

18. Everyone Gets Tired When Tasted Too Much -

More women are givers, she believes in giving. She gives everything she can to her loved ones. But as a men, they have to understand that they also have some limitations. Women are known only for sacrifices but they have some limitations. They also need time so that they can focus on themselves. They want a man who can support them emotionally and not a man to whom themselves has to support emotionally.

19 . Want More -

Women are scared of the idea of ​​getting more, they think it is enough for them as much as they have got. She was definitely entitled to this, as she has been raised like this. Because she is afraid that if she demands more, then the husband will leave her but inside she also knows that she needs more. If she can muster up the courage to say this, then she can save a relationship too. If a husband is screaming at his wife, then she can say, you stop shouting at me, I don't like it. This will help the husband to understand what his wife's emotional needs are so that he can behave accordingly.

20 . Women and Men both are different, both speaks different -

When men and women speak the same words, it is not necessary that they mean the same. For example - When a women says that you never listen to me, actually she wants to say that you do not listen to me sometimes. But the man takes these things in such a way that it was said. Women use such few words to express themselves properly. But the man takes these things as they are said.

21 . Men's Not Speaks Much -

When men do not speak much, it becomes difficult for women to understand them. She takes this silence in a negative way. We should understand that both men and women think differently. Women think with speaking where as man thinks first and then speaks. When a man sits silent, women should understand that he is thinking something.

22 . What Women's Thinks When Men's Are Not Speaking Much -

When a man is silent then the woman thinks that those men might hate her and he no longer loves her. Women are silent in only two conditions, either she does not want to hurt anyone or she does not trust the front. And when a man is silent, she thinks from this perspective. But knowing about the secret of men's caves will make it easier for women to understand Men.

23 . The Cave -

Women should explain that when a man is stressed, he is not getting solutions for his problems. Women should understand that a man is stressed, when he is not getting solutions for his problems. So for some time he wants to calm himself down. He wants to inspect himself. usually a man does this when he is in a relationship, he separates himself most and goes to his caves. No one is allowed to come inside him, not even his best friends. Man is like this, once everything is fixed. The man comes out of the caves by himself. But it is difficult for a woman to understand this, because she believes that if someone is upset then she should never leave. Apart from this, she thinks that she will ask a lot of questions to the man, and then if he listens carefully to what he says, his mood will be fine, because in this way the mood of women is correct.

24 . What To Do When Men Become A Silent -

What to do when a man goes inside the cave ?? Do not be disappointed that he has gone to his caves. Do not try to give him advice, it will make the condition worse. Do not ask him how he is feeling, do not wait for him to come out of the caves. Do not worry about it, nor be sad. Do something that makes you happy, such as talking to a friend or watching TV.

25 . Men And Rubber-band -

Men are like rubber, they go away from you as much as they can go. Then they come back to you. Men are not like women, women go away when they feel cheated. But men often go away, despite no fault of women. They do this for emotional freedom, but when they go away they realize how much this relationship matters to them, and they come back.
For Example: Both a girl and a boy have been dating each other for 6 months. But suddenly the boy began to go away emotionally from the girl. The girl could not understand what happened suddenly, she felt that she had made a mistake. So she chase that boy but the more she followed the boy would go away. After some seminar attend she realized what is the actual issue? she realized that the more she chase the boy, the more he would go away from her. she stopped chase him and as a result he returned to the girl himself. Whenever someone goes away from men and women, he comes back with more energy. Women should know that it is necessary to get away, to get closer than before.

26 . Why Do Men Go Away -

Men go away because they feel that this relationship is taking away their freedom from them. Some men do not say "I need space" "Leave me alone for some time" Whatever it is, the man needs to go away to improve the relationship. By doing this, they feel self-dependent.

27 . Why Are Women Afraid -

Women think that perhaps there must have been a mistake, that is why the man left her. She fears that he might never come back. Apart from this, she does not even know why he has gone away, so she cannot do anything to bring him back. If she understands why the man goes away, that the man is like a rubber-band, then her life can be better.

28. Women's and Waves -

Women are like waves, their mood can change anytime. Sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top. When she feels low as if she has gone into a deep well, but when she comes out everything becomes normal. When a woman's mood is bad, the man should support her emotionally and understand her.

29 . What Do Men Think About This Wave-

When a man loves a woman, he feels her nature as very loving type. And the man thinks that she will always be like this. But such expectations are such that the weather will never change. Like men, women also have cycles, the only difference is that the way people go away like rubber-band and come back. Similarly, the woman goes inside the well and comes back out. When a women does not get the right support, when she is sad, she will never be happy. When the woman's mood is right, she sees the glass of water half full, and when her mood is not right, she sees the glass half empty. Women are like waves, a man can never be happy without knowing this habit of a woman. The man gets frustrated that everything is fine from outside so why is his partner sad? It can help to sort out by understanding the wave like tendency of the woman.

30 . Do Not Try To Fix Them-

For Example: A Men could not understand his wife. Her mood remains perfectly fine for a few weeks, suddenly she becomes depressed, and starts to feel how much she does for others. But nobody cares about that. The quarrel escalates when her husband tries to convince her. Her husband's only mistake was that he was preventing his wife from going into the well. But she should have let her wife go into the well, until she touches the base of the well she will not come up so.

31 . What Men Should Understand-

It is good if a man can support his partner emotionally. It will not solve his problem but will definitely help in normalizing it. The man should understand that he is not responsible for this situation. He expresses his love freely. Women will automatically become normal, just give them a little time and sympathy.

32 . When Both Are Struggling -

Research shows that sometimes there is a time when both partners feel down. This is the situation, which makes the situation even worse. This is the time when both are not feeling well. The man should understand his partner's emotional need and the woman should know about the rubber principle.

33 . Money Can Also Creates A Problem -

Many people complain that when they were married, they were poor. His wife used to complain that she did not have enough money. But many of them said that even after receiving the money, this problem kept increasing. They says they was happier when they had no money. The man should know whether you are rich or poor, no matter what the woman wants most is emotional support, a man who can listen to him cares about him.

34 . Money Can't Be A Substitute For Emotional Needs -

Many times people think that money can be the ultimate solution to any problem. When the relationship deteriorates, many people are unable to find the exact reason. He thinks that if he has enough money now then how are he facing such a problem now. They do not think that money has nothing to do with these things. Even if people are poor but they are supporting each other emotionally, it is much better where you have a lot of money from those things, but there is no emotional support.

35 . They Both Have Different Emotional Needs-

Both men and women do not know that their emotional need is different. The man gives what he needs and the woman gives what she needs. They feel that their partner should also get what they want. That is why when a women is upset, the man leaves her alone, because he himself wants to be alone when he is upset. And similarly when a man is upset, the woman keeps talking to him because when she is upset, she needs someone to talk to her. We give everything from our perspective

36 . Needs For Men and Women -

The woman needs to be taken care of, taken care of. When a man wants to be trusted. The woman wants to be understood, while the man wants to be accepted as he is. Woman wants respect, while man wants her efforts to be appreciated. Woman wants loyalty, while man wants praise. The woman wants her support, while the man wants to be satisfied with it. Woman wants assurance, while man wants encouragement.

37. Prevent Yourself From An Argument -

The biggest challenge in a relationship is "Arguments". Often the two partners start a conversation, and a debate ensues. Both of them start counting each other's mistakes and the situation gets worse. Because conversation is a very important part of any relationship, arguing can cause a lot of damage. Instead, keep calm and think about what can be done to make it a good conversation. Some people do not get into debate but they stop talking, and this causes cold war.

38. Debate -

When we argue, we harm each other. We forget that it is perfectly normal to have differences. What you are saying does not hurt your partner, but how you are speaking, it hurt your partner. The good thing is, to start any debate, two humans are needed, but only one person is enough to finish it.

39. Prevent From Damages  -

This is a weapon that men use, when they get into an argument, they start attacking. They blame their partner, and shout at him. By doing this he feels that he is winning, but actually he loses. "Running Away" Whenever men feel that they are losing, they go to their caves, they become silent. He refuses to talk, and this makes the situation worse. "Wearing a mask" is often used by women. To protect herself from the harm caused by arguments, she behaves as if the problem has not happened. She brings a fake smile to her face, but inside she remains sad. "Surrender" is also used by ladies, she takes all the blame on herself, knowing that she is not wrong. She admits that her partner is upset because of her. Surrendering him like this at that moment fixes everything but in the long term it causes his mental pain.
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40. How To Win Women's Heart -

The man feels that if he does something big for his partner, like buying a car or planning a holiday trip, then only she can be happy. He feels that small things like opening the door for her, giving her roses will not make her happy with these small things. But things do not work like this, for women it is all the same, they do not care whether the work you have done is big or small.

41. Men's Expectations -

Women become happy with small things. But if she does not show her happiness, then the man will never know that his efforts are being successful. By smiling or saying thanks, a woman can tell a man that she is happy, and this makes her feel proud.

42 . Women Should Never Forget -

Women should understand that men naturally like to give big gifts. Even if he does not give you small gifts, he may not mind, he is making efforts to give you big gifts. If women encourage, then the man can understand the value of small gifts.

43 . Love Letter -

Whenever you are angry, and when it is impossible to talk to your partner, then you can fix everything by just writing a love letter, it may sound like a child, but it works. It will refresh the mood of both of you, include this factor in a love letter, anger, sorrow, pain, fear, remorse and love, tell your partner why you were angry, also tell them that you are sad now.

44. Help -

If you are not getting what you want from your partner, it means that you do not keep that demand or your way of asking is wrong. To build a successful relationship it is necessary to ask for help, it is more difficult for women to ask for help, women often do not speak for help because they feel that they should get help without asking. She thinks that if her partner loves them, he will help without asking, she need to understand that until she does not ask for help, then the man will feel that you do not need his help. Ask for help from right, ask him to do something that he does anyway, like throwing garbage out. When he does this, praise him, it will help to reduce your shyness, ask for more help and if he refuses this work then do not take it personally, it will encourage him, strongly and Ask for help with confidence. Now that you have already done the first two steps, you strongly ask for help, if you want to help for a while, then they will do it otherwise, do not fight on not listening.

45 . Magic Of Love -

Sometimes it happens that we are happy and then suddenly become sad. This is because our past scares us, something happens in the past that we are saddened by remembering today. 90% of us are sad because of our past and only 10% are sad due to our present. In such a situation, we should write love-letter or write our problem on paper, if you are angry with your partner, sort it out as soon as possible, the late it gets worse. Relationship is like a garden, giving it water from time to time. Love is always beautiful until one of the two partners makes a mistake. At this time we should accept that no one is perfect and the relationship should be saved.


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