Sunday, March 22, 2020

Hard Work is the Key of Happiness

The place of hard work is the main among the qualities that are needed to progress in life. Those who consider talent as the basis of progress should not forget that hard work is the father of talent. Talent is produced through hard work, in the absence of hard work, the talent is lying idle, but by working, competence is developed. Whatever great personalities are in the world, they can be obtained only on the basis of hard work. Wealth, prosperity and abundance is the follower of all three hard work. Every notable person who has been in the world so far has believed more on hard work than talent. Talent also gets her miracle only when she gets the support of hard work. Otherwise, in the absence of conflict, talent like  remains hidden within the human being useless. 

Hard-work-is the-key-of-happiness
Many great personalities while telling their experiences, have said that they were not born with talent and wealth. The basis of their vast wealth has been his undoing hard work, from which he never stole his face. While working hard, talent also developed in them so that they could establish such a wide business, be successful in management and operation. 

Abraham Lincoln, considered extremely poor, day-to-day and unworthy, had the strength to work more than talent. With the same hard work, cutting wood from the forest, selling it to the city also bringing books by wandering around twelve mills and reading it overnight, etc. were possible only because of their hard work. In spite of the unsuccessful failures of hundreds of times in life, the hard work is more creditable than the talent of Abraham Lincoln in finally reaching the office of President of America. In the absence of talent, hard work and effort can be able to reach the goal, while in the absence of hard work, talent cannot move even one step further. This is the truth and no doubt.

If anyone thinks - "There is no need to work after earning wealth by hard work, and living life comfortably on the strength of the wealth earned," it is not right to think like this. If the diligence will be abandoned by gathering the means of property or convenience, then that property will not be able to remain for long time.  The reason is clear, then the person will be stubborn only to spend. Spending will continue and income will stop. As a result, all accumulation of property will be eliminated. Apart from this, there are many such accidental events which can destroy huge properties and then due to lack of diligence, man remains impoverished due to his failure to compensate. 

Many types of addictions surround humans by sitting idle. His body becomes a victim of diseases. Then in such a predicament, his wealth starts flowing like water. A non-working person can never be healthy and in the absence of health, he cannot enjoy any happiness in his property. To avoid these defects and to get the happiness and satisfaction of our earnings, one should always work hard. A non-working person can never be healthy and in the absence of health, he cannot enjoy any happiness in his property. To avoid these defects and to get the happiness and satisfaction of our earnings, one should always work hard. 

The rich people of the world, who have so much wealth, that not only they can live comfortably throughout life for many generations, they continue to work more hard than their employees in business.  Where a laborer normally works for only eight to ten hours, those intelligent businessmen are grinding for eighteen hours. Their entire life becomes a replica of work. They are well aware of the fact that the hard work on which they have attained this high status cannot be remain, if they abandon it. Non-working people are considered worthy of poverty. Before aspiring for progress, a man should examine himself and see if the life instinct of the labor required to climb higher is there or not. If it is, then its aspiration will be fulfilled. Otherwise it is welfare that man should abandon his desire for advancement, otherwise his aspiration will become a thorn for him.

True, easy and pleasing life is the right of a hard working person. A lazy and imperfect person cannot get such a satisfactory life. Whose life looks prosperous, happy and satisfying, you should understand without any doubt, this fortunate person is hard working and enterprising. Because whatever happiness and satisfaction he is enjoying, he cannot give any other deity besides labor. 

Many people, despite being hardworking, are unable to reap the benefits of hard work. The fault is not of hard work, it is a way of working. Unnecessary labor can never be fruitful. Diligence is the fruit of which man is interested in doing and whose direction is right.  The exertion done in the deteriorating condition or unhelpful direction is definitely fruitless. 

A person who works with compulsion, groan, although he will work hard for twenty-four hours, but he can never succeed. Any work done by him will not be smooth and suitable. The remuneration of such useless works is negligible and no one asks such forced people. Their hard work never flourishes in the form of progress or prosperity except sweat. All the work of a toiling worker is successful and smoothly and they are evaluated properly in the society.

Hard work done in the right direction is the reason for man's progress. The fertile, fertile and liberal direction is the proper direction of labor. Work should be done in the direction in which the speed and achievement of man is possible. Seeds sown on hard or wet land never grow. Along with being a hard working man, he should also know the direction of his hard work. Only then will he be able to succeed and prosper in life, otherwise all his labor will go in vain.

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