Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Take Quick Decisions and Always Think Positive

Pessimists always keep finding faults, they see gold as bronze. Staying pessimistic can be a big problem in your life. Because, from a pessimistic point of view, you will continue searching for your weaknesses, which will break your self-confidence. That is why the approach is most important in any work. First of all, you will feel confident in yourself by being optimistic. Optimistic approach bring hope, and this hope will make a spark in your life to do work and to move forward.

We are going to tell you 2 stories, so you can easily understand all of these things:

"Because of the low level of the sea in a city, all the fishes came to the shore. There was a boy, who leaving the fish returning to the sea. On the shore, lots of such a fishes had died, a person saw the boy's work and said to him, What are you doing this ?? There are hundreds of thousands of fish on the shore, how many fish you will put in the water, one by one?? And what will happen if you put a fish in the water ?? How did this work get better for you??

Upon hearing this, the boy responded - I do not know whether this work is good for me or not. And by putting a fish into the water, it will be good for me or not I do not even know it, but it will definitely be good for the fish that has saved by me. The fish got his life back, is not it great?"

We often say the same thing, what will happen by doing it me alone? Society is wrong. What will i do alone? But if you do any good work that proves to be better in improving this world then you must do that work.

If you keep negative thinking, negative results will come out, keep positive thinking, then you can improve yourself and this world. So be optimistic, being optimistic against that boy's fish, that fish's life is saved. Whatever change you want to bring in the world or in your home, you bring that change in your own life first.

"The second story is of a frog:

If you put a frog in a normal hot water container, then he will adjust the temperature of his body with that temperature of the water. Even if the temperature of the water is increased, it also adjusts its body temperature with the increased temperature of that water.

And as soon as the temperature of the water becomes unbearable, the frog wants to jump out of the compartment, but he was put all his strength in adjusting himself, for this reason he becomes incapable to jump out, and that is why he die."

We get lots of teachings from this story. We have to take the decision in our life very soon, if you take your decision wrong and start adjusting yourself in this life, then you may have trouble getting out of that confusion. We have to face so many crises in our lives, and we get entangled in it instead of getting out of it. Often we adjust ourselves in the same crisis or situation. And when the situation becomes unbearable, we want to get out of it, but our excess power is destroyed only for adjusting, and we become helpless in the situation. That is why it is always necessary to make a decision quickly, whenever any disaster comes, problems arise and you want to deal with it, then definitely you have to try and do not adjust yourself. Think before taking a decision and make a decision by thinking about its effect as it will be for the coming years. It is wise to make a decision by keeping a vision. If the frog would have understood the danger of coming death, then he will not make the mistake of adjusting himself in large temperature.

If you are stuck under any circumstance, then you have two options, if you can change it then do it, if not then go ahead. And you must never think that the time has passed, I have become old or have grown old, no, you can do any work anytime. You just need to keep your attitude positive, if you believe in yourself then the world will also trust you.

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