Saturday, April 6, 2019

How to live a better life

In our life we ​​have to perform many duties. As we grow older, life makes us even more experienced and thoughtful. We keep on finding new ways to live in happiness and peace in the world. We make many plans to keep our lives simple, and disaster free. And it is absolutely right. The following written arguments will help you to fulfill the duties of your life.

1- Stay with good company:

People around us have a profound effect on us, so choose your friends, your associates, your advisers carefully. If you choose your adviser wrong then he will give you wrong advice, so that you can have grief and loss in your life. Do not create friendships or relationships with the person who is negative and violent, this will only give you sadness. You will harm yourself if you make a friendship with false friends, wicked companions and wicked people, dishonest servants, friend who is cheating people. Do not keep any friendship with such a persons, such a person will try to harm you at every step. Always combine with such a people, who will never leave you at the beginning, in the middle and in the end.

2- Money should be stored and should do savings:

The heart is attracted to breathtaking things in life, and in life, we spend most of our money in these impressive things. If we do not have the money at the time of trouble, then there will be more problems and difficulties. Now, please you do not think like, how did the rich man will be in trouble? The trouble can come to anyone. At such times, if you do not want to spread hands in front of relatives, or you do not want to take loans from banks or on behalf of gold, so then you must have to save money. And that is why every person should definitely collect the money to deal with the problems that arise. Always remember one thing- when money leaves accompaniment then organized wealth decreases rapidly. So make arrangements to deal with trouble.

3- Protect your family:

A person should always protect his home and his family. You have to give safety of education for your children's. If anybody in the house is ill then you have to invest in insurance to protect your love ones. Protect your home from insurance, so that you and your family get patience and confidence to face the tragedies that may come suddenly. 

4- Contribute to the society:

For peace and prosperity in life, it is necessary to donate. The mind keeps quiet because of donating, and your contribution also remains to improve this world. Earn as much knowledge as possible, and divide it into others too. Knowledge grows by sharing . The wise man makes a powerful society. That's why everyone should acquire knowledge. Always keep the home and the surrounding areas clean. This will make you feel fresh and you and society will be free from diseases too.

5- Do Meditation:

In the race of everyday life, we forget about giving time to ourselves. And that's the reason, we connect with the people who around us but unable to get attached with ourselves. That's why everyone have to do 20 minutes meditation daily. This will ease your unsteady mind, anger will be reduced. The decisions which taken by peaceful mind are always right, so keep your mind calm. After doing meditation, you will feel positive and relax from tension. Meditation help you to increase concentration power. By doing daily meditation, there will be a unique wave of confidence in you. This will increase your decision ability and fear will end. Some people are always feel regret on the old mistakes made by them or anyone, they are tangled in the past, they feel hesitant to meet new people, solutions for all these is  meditation. That's why, in a run-of-the-life, take 20 minutes for yourself and do meditation. Listen your inner voice.

6- Always do good deal:

Always be cautious while dealing and treat your thoughts with understanding. Never deal with stupidity, it can harm you. Always do transparent transactions, count on when you pay a currency. If the transaction is being done by cheque or agreement, then you should be read all the documents carefully at once, knowingly or without knowing it, do not sign any paper.

7- Do not share your secrets with anyone:

In this life, we always meet many people. Sometimes, someone touches the heart, we rely on them immediately, and tell them all our secrets. If you do so, you can suffer in trouble because of this. That's why do not disclosed your secrets to anyone. The person who is your close friend today, or a member of your family, in the future they may be go against or away from you. At such a time, that person can discredit you by telling someone your important state. And it can lead to a great loss for you, for the unity of your family, and for your industry, your pride. And it can also happen that if you are planning for something, and just because of you open your secrets to others, it will harm your work. May be your work not completed, someone steal the idea of your project or you may face unpleasant trouble. Therefore, do not disclose your secrets and your plans to anyone.

8- Grow Yourself:

In this life you are committed to pursue yourself, that is why every person has the duty to always take himself to success. If you are poor, then become entrepreneur, do the job, do not weaken yourself, nothing will be achieved by bashing fate. If you do not want to fight, keep silent. If you want to get rid of fear, always keep awake and alert. Everything is destroyed by being extremely proud. Due to excessive donation, bondage is bound. Talking a lot can imprisoned The parrot in a cage. That's why redundancy of everything should be end. Always keep on acquiring knowledge. It is the duty of every person to always keep himself healthy. A strong, powerful and determined willful person does not have any work difficult. Always be positive in life and keep on growing yourself.

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