Saturday, January 5, 2019

How to Set a Goal?

Which is the most important purpose in life? If you ask people, they will give a broad answer. For example: I want to be successful, want to be happy, living a good life and something like this. All of these are their desires, none of these explicit goals.

The goals should to be smart.

1.) S- Specific : For example: I want to lose weight. That is to say, to be optimistic. But when I say exactly- I want to lose 10 pounds in 90 days. Then the same goal was transformed.

2.) M- Must be measurable : If you can not measure your goal, then you can not achieve it. Measurement means measure your effort to move towards a goal.

3.) A- Must be achievable: The goal should be achievable. It should be much difficult to challenge you, but it should not seem like it is impossible. If we put the impossible ideas in front, then there is already dissolve excitement.

4.) R- Realistic: If someone decides to loose 50 pounds of weight in 30 days, it would be an unrealistic goal. So make sure your goals should be realistic.

5.) T- Time bound: Decide the date for starting work and completing the work. Therefore, the deadline for fulfillment of goal is becomes clear.

The goals are of a specific timeline.

  1. Short term - up to a year
  2. Medium Term - up to three years
  3. Long term - up to five years

The goal may be more than five years. Such a goal covers the life. While moving towards excellence from different stages to achieving goals, we should have such a specific vision of our life. Otherwise, just by achieving the goal, it does not have any meaning in doing work like machine. Therefore, even after running the goal, we lose the joy of life. If the goal is divided into small steps, then the reason for achieving this is simpler.

For long distances,
Life is very difficult to travel.
But if you take small steps
How easy it is to travel!

The goal should not be one-sided, it should be balanced and Equilibrium. When setting goals, think about the following things and decide the balanced goals.

1.) Family: Your loved ones are the reasons for earning your living and living. Therefore, keeping your family in mind should ensure the goal. It is important that, how we spend our time with family rather than giving a time to your family. The family needs both quality and quantity.

2.) Financial: When determining the goal, you should think about all the things that your education, commercial achievements, financial support, job and business flourishing, and the accompanying comfort facilities.

3.) Physical: That is, your health. If health is not going well, then there will be no meaning. Therefore, to set goals, you should set goals by thinking that your health will remain healthy in the future.

4.) Mentality: This includes knowledge and wisdom. When determining goals, keep in mind that the goals are consistent with your own knowledge and intelligence.

5.) Social: Every person and organization have social obligations. Always accept a goal that can be done by handling your responsibilities while defining your goals. It does not even cause feel you pressure.

6.) Morality: Expressing our ethos and character through our system of value. Therefore, we should set attainable goals to keeping in mind the values. Make a goal that should motivate you.

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