Saturday, December 22, 2018

Do we really listen?

A student who came to a seminar asked his teacher a question that "when I listen to Sir, I feel that I have understood all that you are saying. But when I hear the same thing again by tape recording, it seems that, I have not listen the most important thing.” When I was listening to it, I wondered, why did it happen?

The teacher said, when I am talking with you, is you really listening to my speech? Or you listening to yourself?

Everyone started looking at each other. Everyone was confused. The teacher said, "I will tell you one story. The story is funny but you all have to think about it, you just need to hear what I am saying. Everyone agreed and they started talking.

He further said: This is the story of a city. There were several large buildings in the city, some are ten floors, some 15 floors. All of the people living in it are running daily for livelihood. In the city, there were some good and bad people living there. In middle of the city there were two buildings front of each other. One of them was ten floors and the second building was 12 floors. It was the 12th floor of the building, in which all bad tendency people lived. They was skilled in all thieves.

The second was a ten-store building, in which all the good habits, good working minds people lived. His thoughts were positive. They always want to help others, speak well and do well.
The fire started. People started running and screaming. The fire was on all the way.

"Quickly call for a fire extinguisher" Someone cried loudly. "Call quickly, fifty people stuck on the tenth floor and five hundred on the 12th floor." someone scream loudly. At that time someone called the ambulance.

Soon after the phone was placed, the siren, the sound of the sound of the hour arrived.

Hurry up wipe out the fire quickly, a young guy screaming loudly. The people started shouting, first ten-store building fire should be stopped. And some said 12-store building fire should be stopped before the 10-store building was quenched.

Now the question is for you, exactly which building fire should be stopped before? Students of the seminar felt a little confused. The teacher asked the question again. If the fire of a single building can possible to separate, then which building should be extinguished? 10 floors of a 12-store building?

Students from the seminar started answering. One student said - 500 people are in the 12-store building and the fire should be stopped there before. Because there are more people there. In the ten-store building there are only 50 people. The second student said- People live in the ten-store building with good and positive thinking. These people are more important to save. Another student, who supported the student, said that it is better to save fifty good people than to save five hundred bad people.

We have called the ambulance, then which building should be extinguished before? The teacher asked again. 

Someone again said, the ten floors and someone said the twelve floors.

"Look, we have called the ambulance, the ambulance does not stop fire." The teacher spoke again.
And suddenly there was complete silence in the atmosphere. 

The teacher said again - he called the ambulance to get out of the fire, not fire brigade. After repeating this again, everyone laughed holding their stomach. At the same time some started playing loud clips, began to laugh loudly.

The teacher started talking. What does this mean? We did not take even the meaning of ambulance word, isn't it?  Now everyone's face changed.

What we listen? We hear from our self-control, from our thoughts, we already have an assumption sitting in our mind, we feel that it has been said this way. And then we begin to believe on that assumption and start to work with it, and sometimes we makes a debate about the importance of that thing.

On hearing this, everyone started thinking about. In fact, we talk about what we like to talk about. If you do not listen to the other person, you are listening to your conversations on his speech. Many times we do not even listen to the person who speaks directly.

So give you’re all the attention when you listen. You cannot curb your mind, so calm your mind. Win your own mind. And then see, your mind will remain calm and you will also be able to remain calm. And you will able to listen everything very carefully.

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