Saturday, August 25, 2018

Overcome From Fear

Many of people have fear of taking risk, fear of changes, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of losing and many more. We have to overcome from our fear so we could free to live the life of our dream. There are lots of people who have studied and become literate, they may still face road blocks because they feel fear.

Every person have some fear, fear of losing or any but it’s not fear that is the problem. It’s how we handle fear. It’s how we handle losing. It’s how we can handle failure that makes the difference in one’s life. We all heroes at something and cowards at something else.

Example: Mr. John is investor and his wife Bella is an emergency room nurse. When Bella sees blood, she flies into action. When Mr. John asked her about investing, she run away. Vice versa when John see blood, he run away.

  • Face Your Fears:

Some people are just avoided the issues, refusing to discuss the subject but if we want to overcome from it we have to first of all identify “what is our fear”. Some people are terrified of spiders or some people are terrified about losing, or rejection. Identify it and face it.  Take small steps, divide your goal into small and achieve one by one.

  • Change Your Attitude:

You have to change your attitude towards risks. Of course nobody likes losing. It’s how you handle rewards and failures of your life. Think big and live big.  Remember always, winning means being unafraid to lose. Winning usually follows losing. Before we finally learn to ride bicycle, first fell down many times. There is no one golfer who has never lost a golf ball. So for most people, the reason they don’t win because they feel lots of fear of losing rather than the joy of winning.

As said “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.” – Like that most of people dream big but terrified of losing. If you really want to learn the attitude of handle fear- then be brave and choose to fight to your situation or your fear. If you think that there is little hope of success then choose to fight instead of surrendering. 

  • Inspire By Failure:

Remember that failure would only make us stronger and smarter. It’s not that we wanted to lose; but we have to take loss and make it win. That’s what make us winner. Failure will give us courage to cross the line when others backed out. Do not bury by failures, inspired by them. We have to take the failures and turn them into new opportunity to what we want to create, which we unable to create it last time.

Just as mention that falling from bicycle was part of learning to ride. Falling off only made use more determined to learn to ride. Also there is no golfer who has never lost a ball. To be a top professional golfer, losing a ball or a tournament only inspires golfers to be better, to practice harder, and to study more. That’s what makes everyone better.

  • Be Focus:

You must be focused. Thomas Edison face lots of failures, but he was focused. Bill Gates was focused. Donald Trump is Focus. If you have any desire for big you must focus on your priorities. Failure will inspires us to win, we should want to go for it. It’s takes guts, patience and a great attitude towards failure. (Ref. Rich Dad Poor Dad)

  • Handle Your Life Courageously:

If you worried for anything, study for it. Study again and again. Learn much more about it. Don’t waste your time for doing nothing. Invest your time with good. Don’t surrender yourself with the situation, and stand up for yourself. Do what you really want to do and respect your own decisions.

Try to notice those times when you're feeling strong and competent. Pause and take a few slow, deep breaths and tell yourself, "This is who I am." The more you recognize when you're being strong, the more fearless you'll become. 

  • Look at Things From Outside:

Sometimes being brave is just a matter of looking at things from the outside. If you weren't afraid would you actually be capable of doing what you need to do?

When you reflect and look at your situation from a different perspective, you may find that you really are capable of doing things wholeheartedly, without fear. And if you can't seem to find bravery in the moment, just pretend that you're not afraid. Others might see you as brave just the same, and who knows, you might just convince yourself that's all in your head too. Fake it 'til you make it. Plus, the longer you wait, the tougher it can be to become brave. Imagine all the things you could get done if you weren't afraid and you were brave instead.

  • Take Action:

Instead of spending lots of time on thinking and giving excuses take immediate action. Execute your plan. By taking action and doing it you will begin to reap the benefits of this action immediately.  By taking action will reduces fear of thing itself. So take an immediate action and qualify for the treasures in life that you deserve and be your very best always.

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