Friday, January 22, 2021

January 22, 2021

Live your life with Positivity ..!!

There is some problem in everyone's life. Yet why is it that some people come out of them easily. It is very difficult for some people to withstand them. The reason is, some people's approach to life is positive, the approach of some people is negative. This is a big difference, due to which the way to see the difficulties and how to deal with them is very different for every human being. 

It is possible to remain positive in life when your family feels your support and trust, you should always feel their support. So spend time with all the members in the house and talk as much as possible. The main reason for being upset and negative in every human's life is comparison. If you will meet more people and start giving a little time, then you will feel that there are people who face more difficulties in life other than you. 

This will make your difficulties appear small in front of others difficulties. Apart from this, by helping someone will get you immense pleasure. Whatever be your routine, you have to take care that you stay healthy. Do you know that a big reason behind negative thinking of people is bad health? A healthy body relaxes your mind. Become confident. A good body, fit body and income channels will keep you positive all the time. You have to get them together and enjoy life.

  • If you are suffering from too much negativity and want to stay positive, then help the needy people. Teach poor children.
  • Watch Motivation Video on the Internet and bring it into your life.
  • Do meditation, yoga and exercise regularly to bring positive thinking.
  • Stay away from negative people who cry unhappily.
  • Do not be alone when you have negative thoughts and get out of the house.
  • Write your negative thoughts on the diary and read it again and again.
  • Do whatever work you like to do.
  • Keep yourself busy with your work, because even if you do your work properly, positive thinking comes.

Given some advantages of positive thinking, it will encourage you to stay positive -

1. A person with positive thinking is always happy. He lives far away for the reasons of unhappiness. Health of those who are happy is also well. A person with positive thinking is healthy both from body and mind.

2. One who always has good thoughts in his mind can never have diseases like depression, tension, stress and insomnia, because these diseases always arise from negative thoughts. Therefore one should always stay away from negativity.

3. If a person lacks confidence or not at all, then such a person should always think positively. By doing this, there is an increase in confidence in the human being. Which is very important for increasing self-confidence.

4. Every time a person commits evil or cheats someone, they like to stay away from such people. If you think well or treat them well, then people will try to make a relationship with you.

5. Positive thinking leads to an increase in endurance within humans. Such people easily tolerate minor physical pain. They do not know anything about such pains. By keeping a good mind, you live a spirited life.

6. A person loves himself only when his thinking is positive. Therefore, an advantage of thinking positively is that the person loves himself and takes care of himself. To love yourself means to exercise regularly, eat a good and balanced diet, work stress and maintain weight. Do whatever you like and be happy.

7. With the magic of positive thinking, we have seen people come out fighting hard in difficult situations and often we are surprised by this. In fact, the reason for this is that such people are more positive and do not take stress during bad times. Thinking positively also does not stress the exam and positive thinking has a big role in getting better results.

8. Researchers have found that our brain has a very powerful effect on our body. The immune system is also an area that is influenced by our thoughts and optimistic view. By keeping negative thoughts in the brain for a long time, important part of the brain becomes vulnerable due to which the immunity of our body is weak. Therefore, thinking positively strengthens our immune system.

9. Positive thinking is believed to increase your ability to make the right decisions. With this you do not get confused about what to do in life and take all your decisions at the right time. Whereas negative thoughts make a person's mind frustrated due to which he is not able to make any decision.

10. People who think positively are happier in their life than others. They don't complain about their lives and they accept whatever they get. Positive thinking people welcome everything that comes in their life, thank God for that and live a happy life.


Monday, November 30, 2020

November 30, 2020

Tips to become a mentally strong person

 Who doesn't want to be mentally strong? Everyone wants them to be strong inside and able to face every trouble. This does not mean that you are better than the rest but it means that you are ready to face every problem, here I am telling you some ways to make yourself mentally strong.

There is no doubt that people with sharp minds are powerful, people of this type understand every problem very easily. The ground-sky difference between an ordinary person and an intelligent person is reflected in their thoughts, activities and way of working.

Being mentally strong is not a one-day job. If you want to achieve success in any of your tasks, business, then it is necessary to make yourself mentally strong. If you are strong inside then you can face every trouble.

Here I am telling you some useful ways that can make you mentally strong:-

1. Mentally strong people have power :-

People who are mentally strong never get angry on any matter, they have complete control over their emotions. 

If someone says good and bad, then they ignore them because they understand that due to argument with such a people, the problem is more than less. 

If you can control yourself and your emotions, as well as how you react to a negative situation, this shows how strong you are mentally.

2. Mentally strong people do not regret their mistakes :- 

Mentally strong people do not waste time to regret their mistakes, meaning they do not regret themselves.

Rather, they take time to find out the reason for the mistake and start the work again, because they know that making a mistake teaches them to be successful.

They know how to handle their mistakes, that's why such people never regret themselves nor do they get frustrated and stop their work.

3. Mentally strong people like change:-

Wise people always like and welcome change because such people love change, they always want to do something new and know. 

Mentally strong people believe in change. Such people like to see change not only in themselves but in the whole world.

4. Mentally strong people like to do their own work :-

The best feature of such people is that they like to do their own work, they never spread their hands in front of anyone because they want to understand their fields closely so that they do not have problems in the coming time.

For example, if you get someone else to create a website and there is a problem in it tomorrow, then you will have to spread a hand for help from someone who is creating a website again.

That is why now you can understand how much you benefit from doing your own work, you get a lot more information in doing a work.

5. A mentally strong person learns from his mistakes :- 

Learning new from your mistakes is the hallmark of a good person mentally strong people always remember their mistakes and want to learn something new from them.

Although there are many things that are not easy to remember, people of this type never forget their mistakes so that they can not make such mistakes further.

6. Mentally strong people do not live in the past :- 

Smart people do not like to think about making the future better, they do not associate their future with the past, but think about making it better.

A mentally strong person is not going to live by thinking about his past, he lives in his today and plans to improve tomorrow.

7. Mentally strong people are not jealous from the success of others :- 

Such people are never jealous of any other successful people, but they want to be like him by looking at his work and at the same time they enjoy their work and want to make good relations with them. 

Even such people invite them to their life events and meet them and try to make their life better.

8. Mentally strong people do not feel alone :-

It is true that mentally strong people have less time and more work, no matter where they are, they never feel alone because their company and fans are always with them.

If you are feeling alone in a lonely place, then you are not mentally strong because such people have the power to keep themselves happy at any place, there is always something going on in their mind.

9. Mentally strong people don't boast :-

Mentally strong people do not consider themselves as big and they do not consider the world to be better nor do they laugh at people younger than themselves. Such people never boast, they consider people above themselves as their ideal and want to get ahead of them.

Believe me, no matter what the situation is, if you look once, then in this world, people older than you will be seen a lot, so stop laughing at people younger than you and follow people above you.

10. A mentally strong person loves success than money :-

A man of right mind always wants to succeed than money, he just wants to show the world something better so that the world remembers him even after he dies, money is not everything in his eyes.

Money can only show you high from the front, people from behind will call you bad good, honor, love of people, fame, good work and success will always be with you so that the world will remember you till birth.

Some habits of mentally strong people  - 

1. Such people are never disappointed and depressed.

2. They also learn from their mistakes.

3. A mentally strong person is not jealous of someone's success.

4. Such people never give up.

5. Mentally Strong people do not need any help to succeed.

6. Mentally strong people do not risk without thinking.

7. They want to achieve success by working hard.

8. Such humans give respect to the success of others.

9. A mentally strong person does not repeat a mistake.

10. Such people keep positive thinking.

Hopefully you will find great ways and useful information in this post to make yourself mentally strong and you can make changes in your life by following them.

Also, ignore those who are jealous with you and pay attention to those who love you, do something good for them.

November 30, 2020

Take Your Own Decisions ..!!!

 There are some decisions in life that we should take ourselves, because at times there are times in our life when we are not able to take a decision for ourselves and decide in others. The result of this is that we again regret for that decision all our lives. So today we are going to tell you some things whose decisions you should take by yourself, below are some decisions that we should take ourselves, what are the things we should do in life according to ourselves? 


It may be okay to depend on elders for important decisions, but not in every village. There are some tasks in life in which we have to take decisions ourselves without the advice of our parents, relatives and friends.

People do not know about the decisions related to these lives and they come in the words of others and decide according to the wishes of others and then they regret it throughout their life. There are some decisions in life, which we should take ourselves and why, we will tell you all about this in detail in this post.


1. Choice of your career :-


The biggest question in front of a student is, who should make his career? For this, he takes help of us, parents, friends, relatives and people who do not know. Suppose you have to do engineering and you ask questions about it to everyone, then people will tell you what they have experienced. 


Maybe their experience scares you and may make you retreat. Therefore, it is better that you think about what you have to do and what you do not, do not depend on others.


2. Listening to the heart :-


Our heart or our soul always shows us the right path but we do not listen to the heart. Whereas we should take the decision from our mind by listening to the words of others and if your mind also does not work then listen to the heart. 


We care more about other people than our lives. We always think "what people will say" just get lost in this turmoil and wander our way.


3. Proper use of energy :-


It often happens that whenever we start any work, we do it with a half heart and then people tell us wrong about you and we believe their words. 


For Example - people say "you will not be able to do this" and then thinking all this, we are unable to use our energy properly. As a result, we fail.


If you are doing such a thing, in which you are not getting happiness and you feel that your time and energy is getting wasted in it, then it should be left immediately. Do what you like. If you do the work of your choice, then you will be able to use all your energy in it and if you use all your energy, then it means that you will get success.


4. Be Self-Reliant :-


If you want to live a life of freedom and want to feel freedom, then it is important to have a self-dependent. When you will be dependent on someone else, they will join your life even if they don't want to.


It will happen that they will also give their opinion in your decisions and you will make wrong decisions because of them. So choose the right path and be a self-dependent.


5. keep yourself happy :-


The biggest truth of the world is that you cannot keep everyone happy. If you are trying to make everyone happy, then you are supporting someone somewhere in the wrong. Do not speak for others. When you succeed, the world will follow you. So please yourself and don't think of others excessively.


6. Do not waste time :-


It is a waste of both time and dreams to take approval from others. When you share your point with someone, they will listen then think on it and then reply after that. Therefore, do not waste your time at the behest of others nor waste your time to convince anyone. Until you achieve success, rest should be for you.


7. Your happiness is yours :-


It is not necessary for others to be happy in the work that you are happy to do. It is not necessary that others like what you like. Everyone's thinking is different here. So make a plan for yourself and keep going on them continuously. There may be some problems, but in the end the floor will be yours and it will be your hard work to reach it. All will be no happier for you than that happiness.


8. Identify yourself :-


Do not give anyone a chance to define you. Make a relationship with yourself and love yourself before forming a relationship with anyone. Try to understand yourself. This will happen only when you try to listen to your heart and mind by separating yourself from others for some time. You will not understand that you are the most special in the world. People do not know what you will say, but you have to take care that those who speak about you are not you. You are the one who never gives up.


9. Control your life yourself :-


We live life according to the wishes of others and the control button of our life is in the hands of others. We do the same thing that other people want us to do. It should not happen. Keep the control button of your life in your hand. When we start becoming more dependent on others, they try to control us. Then you are surrounded by questions like Do not do that, do not do that. So keep as much meaning as possible from others. Do not give them so much importance in your life that you are forced to do anything for them.


10. The final decision should be yours :-


It often happens that we think of starting a lot of things but then get advice from other people about it and then change our mind after listening to their negative things. You never have to do this. Yes, you run away from others, it is not wrong. But the final decision should be yours, which you have to take from your heart. 



In these 10 points mentioned in this article, you will always have to take decisions on your own or else you may regret 1 day. For example, a student chooses the wrong subject on the advice of others. He chooses a subject in which he has absolutely no interest. He got salute from others that after studying well, one can understand everything. But he understands this when the exam comes close. He then regrets the wrong decision taken by the advice of others and he thinks that I wish I had listened to my heart at that time. Therefore, you should always take decisions related to your progress in life. We do not mean to stop taking advice. Now do exactly this, but the decision should be yours.


November 30, 2020

Tips to live a stress free life

Due to the tips written in this article, you will definitely be successful in relieving stress. If you are not under stress, then you can avoid tension by these methods. What is stress? There are two types of stress, first is physical stress and second is mental stress.

Physical stress is beneficial for the body and mind to some extent, but mental stress works opposite to health, due to mental stress, the blood speed in the body becomes faster, immunity starts to perish. Unnecessary pressure on the mind through thoughts is called stress, which causes all diseases. Know why to overcome tension? When mental stress lasts for more days, it begins to take the form of depression. And depression makes any healthy person so sick that there is no limit.

If the source of tension is not stopped, the thought power starts becoming very pessimistic. And as thoughts become pessimistic, behavior becomes pessimistic, and that is how life is built, so it is very important to find and understand this mental disease.  Symptoms of stress are given below: If you find yourself having more than three symptoms then you can understand that you are either under stress or you are coming soon.
Symptoms of tension :- 

Despite the fact that tension has an adverse effect on life, people refuse to believe that it can be a mental disorder. In today's time, it has become a difficult task for a person to remain tension free. Everyone has some concern. Some stress the job, some stress the relationship, some stress the study, and the stress the career. Today everyone is suffering from stress, but we have to understand that our whole future rests on this body, if we do all our work.

Keeping it perfectly healthy should be our first duty. Because if the body itself is unhealthy, then even if you have lots of money in your bank, they will not be of any use to you. 

1. Uncontrolled emotions
2. Anger or irritability
3. Thoughts of suicide
4. Pessimism
5. Occurrence of concentration in work
6. Digestion impairment
7. Increase or occurrence of sleep
8. Loss of memory
9. Secrete oneself
10. Weight gain or event.

If you find at least three of the above mentioned symptoms inside yourself, then you should be careful immediately, otherwise you may have to suffer a huge loss. Below are tips to stay tension free, every tips is practical which everyone should adopt, if anyone adopts these tips, he will not only feel tension free but also reduce the risk of going to depression from any burden in future. Will go. Include these tips in your daily life.

1. Make a normal routine first -

One thing to remember is that when we are in depression, our mind sets a strong target for us, as a result there is loss of confidence when we cannot complete the work on time and we get used to postponing work, hence our time- Make the table simple and once it is on track, keep the time table slowly tightened.

2. Walking or exercising in the morning -

The first hit in tension is on our mind due to which the identity of the body and mind is broken and the body does not show interest in taking part in any activity, so it is important that if you wake up in the morning, then take a walk in the open air and play a game. , Jogging or doing yoga, pranayama.  Kapalbhati Pranayam are said to be the best for depression.

3. Eat a nutritious diet -

If you have problems with indigestion, eat light and digestible food. Be sure to include green vegetables and salads in your diet. Stay away from junk food. Eat food with interest, that is, do not rush. Focus to do one work at one time. 

4. Meditate -

Scientists say that 15 minutes of meditation equals 2 hours of sleep, as well as meditation has many benefits such as meditation keeps your thoughts under control. Meditation is one of the best drugs to overcome depression. The person who meditates daily reduces the risk of getting depression by 90 percent.

5. Discover your creativity -

If you are suffering from tension problem then this tips will be most effective for you. It has been said that the empty mind is the house of the devil and the empty thoughts keep coming up in the same mind, then it is better that you spend some time in doing creative works and find the work that you enjoy. Like a game, gym, drawing, singing.

6. Drink light hot water after getting up in the morning-

This may sound a little strange, but Ayurveda has shown great importance to drink light hot water. The first attack of any disease is on the digestive system. All diseases start due to deterioration of digestive system, so after waking up in the morning, practice drinking light hot water, it cleans the tubes and the intestines properly, due to the cleanliness of the intestine, the appetite also becomes hard and digestion is good.

7. Stay away from drugs -

Frankly, one of the reasons people are found to be most intoxicated during the time of depression is that the drunk gets a temporary platter for some time and distracts for a few moments, but the body has to pay a big price. Therefore, it would be better to add addiction before getting tension free. 

8. Connect with people -

During depression, we like to spend more time alone and in closed rooms, but this habit further increases the level of tension. Therefore, it would be better to spend time with your good friends and your family instead of sitting alone.
For one example, you will understand its depth that you must have seen that lawyers are always found in the group of lawyers. Doctors always like to be between doctors, in the same way, never meet negative people.

9. Read a good book -

All of the above has been done to clear the mind, but after cleaning the vehicle, you have to put petrol, diesel and engine oil in it, good books are the food of the brain, which gives your conscious-subconscious a growth material, so Before going to bed every day, read a few parts of a good book. 

10. Accept your circumstances-

Most of the tension is due to an event or person with whom we have had a deep connection. In such a situation write the things that are giving tension on a paper and accept that yes! This incident happened to us, whose fault was it?
If it is your fault, then accept your mistake and take a pledge not to repeat that mistake in future and if the fault of the person in front is forgiven and make a habit of trusting anyone again. 

11. get high in your own eyes-

Lack of confidence is also a cause of depression. It is not necessarily what people think about you, but it is important that what you think about yourself. 
Take some time every day and stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes and tell yourself that I am special, I will definitely get what I want. Initially it may be a little awkward but this self-indication formula will make you really special.

12. Adopt 'Never Give Up' Attitude-

Disappointments revolve around every human being, but can only go to the one who accepts despair. You can remove despair from your door and thank your parents and God for your life because there are so many people who want to live but are forced to live in front of nature. You will be surprised to know that it takes 200 times more courage to commit suicide than it takes for success. 

13. Set the time to sleep and wake up-

Put the highest priority in your time table in making sleep and waking time. Make sure you sleep and wake up time. But it is not necessary that you also put extra emphasis on your mind to get up at 4 am. As mentioned above, make a normal time table and then keep making changes gradually.
14. Develop Your Personality-

Our way of walking, our way of talking and attire reflects our personality, so find and remove the errors in your habitual behavior and instead create an attractive and positive attitude.

15. Find the cause of tension-

Stay away from the things that give you tension, it may be due to your financial condition or due to a sad song, ignore these things. Whatever the reason, make yourself believe that you have two options. First of all, keep thinking and worrying, second is to take small steps in the same circumstances and get yourself out of that situation. 

16. Write a regular diary -

There are many advantages to writing a diary. The biggest advantage is that you can compare yourself with yourself everyday and believe that the happiness you get from seeing the old version of yourself is not that difficult to say in words, so writing a diary is a good habit to see your philosophy of good and evils. It does. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

November 26, 2020

Change your life by changing your Habits ..!!!

The scientist says that habit arises because the brain constantly keeps searching for ways to safe efforts. The brain tries to make habits every routine. habits helps our brain to save energy. This habit of saving effort is beneficial for the brain. Once a habit is found, the brain does not take much time to take a decision about it. Due to habits, whatever happens by yourself, you start doing any task without thinking more and it goes on till you change this habit deliberately. 

Habits are deeply embedded in our brain. Actually it is a big advantage, but the problem here is that the brain is unable to distinguish which habit to keep and which habit to leave. So you sometimes get caught in the wrong habit. You think you will overcome the wrong habit but the habit is still the same. Sometimes we may find it in our favor but our brain depends on these auto mission and it can also be a detriment to our life-style. 

Habits can also act like a curse instead of giving benefits. Can we make new habits? You can use a cue or hint to build habits. Indication or signs are something that trigger your habit. For Example - You get inspired by seeing someone jogging and you also start doing workout. Or if you see the table lamp in your room, then you will soon be engaged in your work. You can also make your own signs in this way, look around you and by motivating with those signs, you create good habits for yourself. 

Habits have so much power over us because it creates craving in our brain. Many times this craving is made so slowly that we do not feel that it exists, so we are not aware at all about their influence. You can use 3 easy steps to create a habit. 1. Make signs, 2. know the rewards, 3. Find a craving that encourages you to follow the habit. You should keep these cue or signs simple, clear and straightforward and also insure that the reward is clear, and the reward should be something that you really want to get. Although signs and reward are important to build habit, but it is also clear that it is not enough alone to build a long-lasting habit. But this is the key to keep the habit with you, keep luring your brain for reward. Which when the habit is complete, crave to get the feeling of completing a task.

craving is an essential element. It is the drive that turns a simple routine into a habit. When you see this craving as a food, then it is clear how things are going. You will definitely be craving for something sweet and this also builds up the habit. Once you figure out how to awaken craving, it becomes easy to create any habit. You can build a new habit by putting those signs and rewards in front. If you want to see that any sign or reward has been successful in creating any habit, then you can transfer it to another habit. You cannot end a habit, you can only change it. First of all, you have to understand your cue which triggers your bad habits. For example - If you take a candy in the afternoon as a snack during work, then here you have to understand the time as a cue so that you can replace the candy with a healthy thing. It is clear that you are behind a sweet, so try it with banana or strawberry. 

Now recognize the reward, the reward of eating candy may be sweet but it will ruin your 10 minutes by getting up from your desk. If you want to escape this reward, then instead of eating this candy, you should listen to your favorite broadcast for 10 minutes or read the article of GK Inspire. To change habits, you will have to keep old cue and keep old rewards as well but new habits will also have to be introduced. Here is a rule, if you use the same cue or use the same reward, then you can shift your routine, and also change your habit. Almost any behavior can be changed, you should keep your signs and reward the same. You cannot erase your bad habit, you can just change it with good.

A habit is that which has the power to influence our ways of working, eating, playing, living, spending money and talking. For Example : If you have taken a decision to exercise daily, you will find that as time passes, changes in your habits will start coming. If you have started doing workout then there is more chance that you will start eating healthier food. And this will also affect the results of your work. You will become more productive and feel less stress on your day to day life. You must apply the habit of exercising in your life because it is a habit that affects your whole life. And this habit can improve your whole life.

The most important thing which is important to apply habit is willpower. will power is a skill that can be learned and taught. Think of your will power as a muscle, something that you can strengthen with exercise. will power is a learned skill that can be learned and taught. By recognizing the behavior of will power and taking action on time, you can change will power into a habit. When you take a decision and follow it, your will power gets activated. will power You can do your important work very easily and happily. 

A leader can also lead his company or organization to waste. Leaders who are thoughtless and ignore the culture of their company, allow these negative habits to arise and develop. Organizations need habits and routine. Without them, there is no work of organizations, and because of this, the employees leave the job because they do not see their future in the company. Wrong routine and wrong habits can lead any organizations towards crisis and when it comes to implementing habits in organizations, it becomes an essential part in crisis. When someone is upset, this is the perfect time to see their current habits and convert them into productive and positive habits. Sometimes crisis or obstacles in life have come to change your bad habits into good habits, by recognizing them, change your bad habits into good habits.

Friday, August 28, 2020

August 28, 2020

Ways to do Self Love

Do you feel that now your life is useless you cannot do anything in life? Are you hating yourself? if yes ! So read this post carefully! I can tell you that after reading this post, you will definitely come out of your heart and start loving yourself. Before loving others in life, it is very important to know how to love yourself  and why. 

It is very important for us to understand the importance of our life. All the people in this world have some special talent. The problem is that people are not able to find their talent inside themselves. Sitting on stupid things at home is not going to help. First of all understand your talent and take initiative. Nothing gets confuse in life, just the wrong way. Understand your inner-mind power and purpose of life to love yourself. how ? Let's go ahead!

1. Stop criticizing yourself :-

You can never love yourself until you stop criticizing yourself. Nothing ever changes from criticism. Even if you listen to negative criticisms of others, it will have a very bad effect on you. Identify yourself and understand your true strengths. Everyone can bring change in themselves. If you criticize yourself, your changes will be negative, if you understand your ability then your changes will be positive.

2. Remove fear from inside :-

You must have heard the saying, "The one who is scared has died". This thing also applies here. If you place fear in your life, then fear will end the happiness and love of your life. Find a way to solve this as much as possible so that you are mentally happy. For example, whenever I am afraid, I do not look back and start thinking about my website or my mother and father. Similarly, whenever you feel fear, according to your mind, start thinking towards any other memorable thing, this will remove your fear.

3. Be patient in life :-

Maintain tenderness and kindness in your life. Always create a new ideology to move forward in life. Do not find a shortcut to success. Always work hard and be patient in life. 

4. Be kind to your Heart :-

Remove hatred from your life because a person who has feelings of hatred can never love his mind and himself. Never let hatred arise in your thoughts. Be gentle and polite in your words. 

5. Always praise yourself :-

Negative sayings and criticisms always break the inner feelings of human beings. At that time, we get support by praising ourselves. Sit down and ask yourself how hard you work for your work, even if it is a small thing.

6. Turn your negative thoughts into positive :-

If you feel that you have some negative thoughts or some negative habits, then first try to find them. When you come to know about those negative things, then think of turning them into positivity. how ? Let's see…

For example, let's think you wake up very late in the morning. Seeing this, it is a negative habit for us. There is laziness in human life due to getting up late and failure due to laziness. In such a situation, the person starts hating himself for not completing all his work properly.

There is some way to remedy this! The first thing is to find a way to get up early. Like you can either put an alarm in your watch or you can ask your mother or wife to wake up early in the morning. Every day in the morning, when your sleep starts slowly, then you will also get up early.

7. Take care of your health :-

It is very important to stay physically healthy for anything. By the way, eating well and exercising regularly is very difficult for all of us. Good food is very important for a good health, so that the body can get the right vitamins and nutrition. 

If you will always be healthy, then your face will always be bright, mentally strong, you will stay away from many types of diseases and you will always love yourself. So always take care of your health and keep your life happy.

8. Understand Your Real Face :-

Understand and recognize the real face inside you. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and think about all the qualities and abilities inside you. Know your qualities so that you can fall in love with yourself and move forward.

9. Support yourself :-

It is very important to support yourself. You should always be ready to support yourself and your ideas. If you need help solving a problem, you can talk to your friends and parents. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

August 23, 2020

10 ways to stay mentally healthy and reduce stress

 Taking care of your mental health is as important as staying physically healthy. Mental and emotional health is an important, essential part of our overall health and well-being. Most of us take part in some activities that help us stay physically fit - going to the gym, walking, swimming or playing sports. Similarly, we can all involve certain activities which can keep us mentally and emotionally healthy.

A common misconception is that the absence of a mental health disorder means that a person is mentally fit and emotionally well. Experts say that simply not having depression, anxiety or other disorders does not mean that a person is mentally or emotionally healthy.

Managing emotions and maintaining emotional balance is an important skill. Lack of emotion regulation skills can cause relationship difficulties and mental health problems. Being healthy mentally and emotionally helps us to face challenges, stresses and failures. It also equips us to be more functional in our daily lives. A person who is mentally and emotionally healthy is able to connect with himself and others and respond to the challenges that life throws at him. 

We have to face challenges and we have to deal with people and things we do not like. We try to control our situations when the only thing we can control is our interpretation of the things around us. "We have to be able to face challenges to be mentally and emotionally healthy." The idea of ​​taking care of your mental well being may seem vague, complex or challenging. However, experts say that you can take care of the health of your mental state by including some simple activities in your routine or by making some minor changes in your lifestyle. 

1. Take care of your physical health :-

Physical health plays an important role in ensuring that you are mentally healthy. You can stay healthy by eating well, taking adequate rest and exercise and taking care of your physical health. Eating fresh foods rich in nutrients helps your body cope with daily stress. Foods that contain vitamin B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids maintain levels of mood-regulating chemicals in the brain. Getting enough rest is also important. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired, stressed and hoarse. Getting enough exercise also improves your appetite and helps you get enough sleep. Which is also important for your mental well being. 

2. Do exercise :-

Sunlight increases serotonin production, a chemical that regulates mood in the brain. Daily exposure to sunlight helps in avoiding depression. Physical activity is also beneficial for the mind. Exercise increases energy, reduces stress and mental fatigue. Find an activity that you enjoy, so that the process is exciting for you. 

3. Take Care Of Yourself :-

Self-care is an essential part of mental and emotional well-being. Creatively expressing your feelings makes it easier to face your stresses and conflicts. Set aside time for yourself, get involved in your own emotional needs, read a book, love yourself or relax without worrying about your daily tasks. Remove your gadgets and see what's happening around you. see to it. “Mindfulness means being in the present without thinking about the past or the future. Instead of carrying everything that appears in your mind or your experience, choose the one you react to. Focusing on one thing at a time, being non-judgmental and adopting an inequality attitude towards things and situations. It helps you to be open to experiences and helps you not to be overly influenced by them.

4. Spend time with people whose company you enjoy :-

People you fall in love with and get along with. Spending time with them gives you a feeling of being special and appreciation. Having a healthy relationship with your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors can increase your sense of emotional well-being and provide you with a rich sense of connectedness. Have lunch with a colleague or plan to meet a friend with whom you have spent some time. No technique can replace a smile or a hug. 

5. Pursue a hobby or a new activity :-

Participating in activities that you enjoy helps you stay busy and happy. It keeps your mind occupied and can also give you an outlet to express your feelings, especially those you may find difficult to share with others. A hobby can help you relieve stress and increase your self-esteem. 

Trying new activities helps keep a fresh outlook and keeps you on your toes as you learn to get out of your comfort zone. The learning process helps you break thought patterns by focusing on new skills. Choosing a new skill challenges you, increases your level of concentration, and makes you feel good about learning something new. It also boosts your confidence to be able to face new situations, new challenges and new people. 

6. Manage your stress :-

We all have some people or events that cause stress. Identify how this type of stress starts for you, And try to understand those situations again. You can sometimes try to stay away from such situations, but it may or may not always work. Sometimes, stress can be caused by a lack of strategies to handle certain situations or life events. This is why it is necessary to learn the skills necessary to address your stress. "If you know that you are stressed out by an exam, then you should learn how to put the examinations in perspective and don't let them become a living event for you, because your exams are something that you face Have to do. 

In some cases, avoiding stress-causing situations can work, but you should be able to distinguish when you can avoid them and when not. So find your strategy to manage your stress so that you can take better care of yourself. Tactics may include talking to a friend, believing in yourself, re-understanding your situation and focusing, walking, listening to music and exercising.

7. Accept yourself and believe in yourself :- 

We are all different, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing your strengths and living up to it and acknowledging your weaknesses gives you the strength to believe in yourself and move forward. Everyone has weaknesses, and so you do. No one is perfect. 

You can choose to change those weaknesses about yourself that you don't like, you can choose to accept those weaknesses about yourself that you can live with. But recognizing that you have some weaknesses like everyone else, and that you are less than perfect, is an important component of your mental and emotional well-being. Set realistic goals. Try to assess your own boundaries and draw boundaries accordingly. When you are overwhelmed, learn to prioritize and say 'no'. 

8. Count your blessings :-

While this may sound like a madness, it is true that when you are grateful for what you have, it can divert attention from what you do not have. Studies show that being thankful for what you have helps to be optimistic about your future and enhances your mental health.

9. Express yourself :-

Many times, we shy away from expressing feelings that we feel are 'negative'. Being able to express what we are feeling, or what we like or what we do not like, can help us to make our mind go awry. Suppressing emotions is a coping strategy for many of us, yet it can be harmful. Research suggests that suppressing emotions can actually strengthen emotions. This may cause greater stress. The feeling may then displace something trivial or unrelated. 

Suppression of emotions is believed to lead to depression or anxiety disorders. Even anger and sadness are feelings that deserve expression. The only thing we need to know is how to express it, which does not cause havoc on us, our relationships and our environment. "No emotion, in itself, is good or bad. Every emotion is important and necessary. It is the intensity of experience.

10. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed :-

There is no person on earth who has a whole life that is free from stress, anxiety or low mood. When you feel sad, frustrated, confused, angry, or simply overwhelmed and unable to cope, talk to someone you trust a spouse, friend, parent, brother, or relative. If you feel you need more help, reach out to a doctor or counselor. 

The earlier you arrive, the better. Remember that there is no shame in asking for help, it is a sign of great strength, not of weakness, because it is made to happen often. You do not need to face the challenges of life alone. People use the support systems that are available to help them take care of themselves.